Yam festival in my town

Another significant aspect of the ritual not discussed by writers in this field is the preparation of children to partake in the eating and celebrating of the new yam - called ritual body wash, imacha ahu iri ji mmiri consequently, ji mmiri, connotes fresh yam, new yam.

facts about the new yam festival

In Igbo society, the culture of cutting, iwa; and eating, iri; of the first yam is performed by the oldest man in the community or the Eze, King. Cocoa yam is a supportive crop-kin of yam much as male is to female.

New yam festival 2018

After the festival is over, it is permissible for anyone in the community to eat the new yam. MacDonald, Margaret R. Two special delicacies usually prepared on that ceremonial day include: Boiled White Yam with its tubers coupled with its red oily sauce; and Yam Porridge Ji-awayi. In the olden days, fowls offered as sacrifice must be carried to the farm and slain there, with the blood being sprinkled on the farm. The carnival mood and graciousness at extending invitations and welcoming every visitor and guest means that there is plenty of food to enjoy as opposed to lack of food to live on. Edaki Timothy is a Nigerian undergraduate Media student in the same country. Then the carcass is cooked and a soup is made from it, while the yams are boiled and pounded to make foofoo. Each year, thousands of Igbo sons and daughters troop out enmasse to celebrate the annual New Yam Festival. The feathers are removed and spread on the threshold to demonstrate the family's determination to forsake evil. And till this day, it is believed that this son of Eze Nri, which is known as Ahijoku, is the god yam. Yam was the king crop. But why new yam festival is highly pronounced in Igbo even more than in other none Igbo yam producing communities is best explained to mean how the Igbo cherish, adore and intensively farm the crop as a key staple commodity with a masculine fanfare. He later took the drastic course of killing his eldest son, cutting the body into small pieces and burying them. Parents took it upon themselves to present their children to the therapist to undergo the cleaning of the body and enacting accord of order and health in the enduring Igbo new yam festival setting. Today, such thieves are banished.

You can thank us later. A man is evaluated by the size of his yam barn Oba Jilarge household and ability to earn a good living and help others in society. This is because it is believed that the New Year must begin with tasty, fresh yams instead of the old dried-up crops of the previous year.

Yam festival in my town

It answers the question, what is new yam and why is new yam such an important ceremony and identity of the Igbo of Nigeria? Vestiges of many of these ancient practices are thought to have survived in festivals still celebrated around seasonal themes. I asked. The New Yam Festival is indeed a colourful event which is fast becoming a major tourist attraction. The Iwa Ji Afo annual yam cutting is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by the Igbo beginning in the month of August of each year. Already, there was a sea of people gathered there. The ritual is performed either by the oldest man in the community or by the king or eminent title holder. As the biggest of yam communal rites, it is described as iri ji ohuru, iri ji mmiri, iro ofo, ofala and ibu ji aro the latter being common among the people of Ehime in Mbano of Imo State.

Detroit: Omnigraphics, The Yoruba people celebrate the New Yam Festival, known to them as Eje, for two days around the time of the harvest. After the priest has prayed for a better harvest in the coming year, he declares the feast open by eating the pounded yam and the soup.

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The New Yam Festival