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These elements are key to making an effective charter for your project for the benefit of everyone involved. A Project Charter is a document that, while describing the purpose of a project and its scope, it legally authorizes the beginning of the project.

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Participants.

Sample project charter for software development

If you normally work in Gantt charts and want to include a simpler version in your charter, take a look at our Gantt chart alternatives as well. Share this article. Every charter should include some variation on the following categories. It is best to encourage your team to self-manage and do goal focused work. Originally, project charters have existed for more than a thousand years in different forms. The people dealing with any kind of project management job can use the charter for projects in order to make their job easier. SMART goals and objectives make it easy to track and measure progress and success. These should be written in point form and numbered accordingly. At the beginning of the project, you may not have all you need to know about the tasks of the project and what is really needed, so you may not have the complete budget details. The preliminary scope describes what the project involves, any high-level resource or requirement descriptions, and what constitutes successful project completion. Project budget This section should basically include a list of all the costs to be incurred when carrying out the project, you may include the availability of each of the material and also make a resource plan which may have the labor, material and equipment. The main subject is highlighted, and the sub headings are mentioned in short bullet points. The duties, roles, and responsibilities of the project manager as well as all the team members should be included there so that everyone is clear on what they need to do to help in the completion of the project.

Identifies the key stakeholders. Deliverables — a concise description of the high level deliverables required by the client, project sponsor or stakeholders at the successful completion of the project.

Conclusions A project charter is not simply a document stating facts and information about a project.

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It is important for you to note that the problem that the project is going to solve should be one that is socially beneficial to a large group of individuals as this is what the key stakeholders are mostly interested in. She works as a content marketing specialist at Lucid Software. Remember to always start with the major goal followed by the others and also two to three goals are just enough.

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