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In an attempt to get the crowd on his side, Alonzo offers money to whoever kills Jake; but their contempt at being treated as honorless thugs keep them from interfering. Jake refuses to be a part of it, and when Alonzo threatens Jake for a second time, Jake seizes Alonzo's shotgunprompting a Mexican standoff with the other officers.

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But Ayer's screenplay is ingenious in the way it plants clues and pays them off in unexpected ways, so that "Training Day" makes as much sense as movies like this usually can. Under the influence of PCP, Hoyt is capable of subduing both attackers easily whilst Alonzo onserves.

When Jake refuses, Alonzo does it himself. Alonzo believes that the criminals he fights are honorless scum, and one has to stoop to their tactics to gain an advantage on them.

Hoyt realizes that this day was planned so that Alonzo could acquire enough money to pay off the debt, and soon realizes that Alonzo has abandoned him and paid Smiley to kill him.

Alonzo flees for his life to LAXbut he is ambushed and executed by the Russians. Jake finds the girl's wallet on the ground and takes it.

Jake intervenes while Alonzo watches. The box-office performance of "Training Day" may provide the answer. There are times when you're distracted from the action on the screen by the need to trace back through the plot and try to piece together how events could possibly have turned out this way.

At first we wonder if Alonzo isn't putting on a show to test the rookie.

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Afterwards, Alonzo meets with a trio of corrupt high-ranking police officials he dubs as the "Three Wise Men". At lunch, the two visit Alonzo's mistress Sara and their young son.

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