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Using his experience, he focuses his poems on racial and economic inequality.

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A river can be portrayed by many as an everlasting symbol of perpetual and continual change and of the constancy of time and of life itself. Langston Hughes was born on February 1, and he is not only a poet, but he is also a social activist, playwright, and novelist. In Langston Hughes' 'Salvation', contrary to all expectations, a young Hughes is not saved by Jesus, but is saved from his own innocence. Langston Hughes was and, still is one of the most inspirational poets who has ever lived His father studied law but was prohibited from testing for the bar exam due to his race. This is where Hughes began writing poetry He was one of the most original and versatile of the twentieth century black writers. The Harlem Renaissance was a period in the s when African American population had reached over one-hundred fifty thousand people His poetry, spanning five decades from to , reflected the changing black experience in America, from the Harlem Renaissance to the turbulent sixties One famous poet was Langston Hughes. Not to say that it is to be rich, cause that is probably a lot of people's dream, which is why we have the lottery. Harlem became the breeding ground for blues, jazz, and gave birth to a new generation of Negro Artist. He is best known for vocalizing the concerns of his fellow working-class African Americans. In the following, the page numbers of the poems quoted will be inserted in brackets within the regular text. They are the ones who are unrepresented.

Both elements reinforce each other, which creates the impression of Harlem as a self-contained, self-enclosed world inhabited by a heterogeneous community united in a common cause.

Readers may make many interpretations about the symbols used throughout these poems. Harlem became the breeding ground for blues, jazz, and gave birth to a new generation of Negro Artist.

When I went back to write my second draft, I used those comments and notes to elaborate on incomplete concepts.

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That was one of the poems that stood out to me as the best out of all of them, which was written by Langston Hughes. Inventing This page of my journal was dedicated to inventing. I also wanted to know what kinds of dreams Hughes was talking about.

Langston hughes poetry thesis

Here, both spiritual and material that is, economic concerns must be considered. The literature he wrote, he wrote to inspire people to make the right decisions based not on the way people looked, but their character and how they treated you. Langston Hughes discusses dreams and what they could do in one of his poems, "Harlem. Langston Hughes was born on February 1, Although Sargent is living in a time where the depression is in existence amongst all people, Black and White, he finds no one to help him. Indeed, through an examination of racism and race issues; music, jazz, and literature in the life of Langston Hughes, it is easy to see how these forces in Hughes's life impacted his work. In this literary work, Langston Hughes uses nature to demonstrate and symbolize the unwillingness of his main character, Sargeant, to participate in life. But along with what they want to do with their life, they always have that certain dream that they hope to accomplish. He is the very first African American writer in America to earn a living from writing. He is proud that his roots go back to the ancient civilizations which where associated with the great Rivers of Asia and Africa namely the Euphrates, the Nile and the Congo However, the Harlem Renaissance is a key cultural movement that shows the value of creative forms in bringing about political and social change. Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri, but lived with his grandmother in Lawrence, Kansas until he was thirteen and then with his mother in Lincoln, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio where he went to high school Langston Asking these interpretive questions helped me connect those patterns and determine a theme.

The outlook of writings were being looked at more closely. Professor Rob Hale's peer review copy of my first draft with commentary and feedback.

A history of what Langston Hughes has lived through lies within each piece he has written

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