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That clearly shows how fast a street that had just been built could turn into an overcrowded slum.

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It describes the whole problem and it uses theories, concepts and case study. Some research on various aspects of housing has been conducted in Lusaka before.

social problems in slums

It is, therefore, a descriptive and analytical tool for the research because it describes the problem deeply and then analyses it. Meant originally as a mobile re-conjured in full force by the United Nations in the early s home unit for himself — the three feet by four feet aluminium and following the Conference on the Environment in Stockholm.

With that the former was pursued by architects who focused on concepts of mobility, systemisation and lifestyle as the bases of a solution to the crisis whilst the latter was predominantly undertaken by governments who introduced publicly financed the s-word now already a catchphrase and the approval of any building projects which were in many cases inadequate, proving that the functionalist approach in design had failed to express the social and individual needs of the inhabitants.

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Morris et al. XIV, n.

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She was a British Colony from until October 24, , when she attained independence. The male reception area is separated from other family private areas. Lack of proper entrance hall. In the year , the national housing deficit was estimated at , units, requiring an annual building rate of , units to be cleared in a decade GRZ, MLGH, His own square feet flat could be away. There is huge misconception that low cost housing is suitable for only sub standard works and they are constructed by utilizing cheap building materials of low quality. This gave birth to the squatter settlements or compounds. Any project on housing stakes a earlier modernists who saw the infrastructural claim on what and how we should live. The historical and legislative process of its development was investigated.
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