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Note: there is no marking in the First Folio--the original publication of Shakespeare's plays-- to indicate that his lines are an aside Throughout the play, Macbeth slowly loses his sanity.

The murderers would have recognized him anyways and not worried about trusting him. Allan Park Paton. Each of these three main characters has their own motive as to why they would want to join in on the assassination. Macbeth made a special point of sending the servant out of the room while he talked with the men. Earlier in the play, when Macbeth had slipped out of the banquet held for Duncan, she had scolded him for leaving. During the murder scene, Lady Macbeth might well be the one to extinguish the torch so that she can help the innocent Fleance escape. Macbeth would not have sent another murderer because that would mean more who were in on the plot. When Macbeth first received the prophecies, he actually considered them. Possibilities for the third murderer The identity of the third murderer is one which may forever be a secret from modern readers.

Probably to do away with the chance of his being recognised, he seems to have struck down the light although he asked about it ; and it was he who, searching the ground, found Fleance escaped.

Posted by Asha A. This suggests that the apparitions are now just figments of Macbeth's imagination because he doesn't know this information about Macduff.

Following this quote further it could be looked at in a broader spectrum of Macbeth's triumphs and failures. Discuss the sequence of events from a cause and effect standpoint.

One such inconsistency is the identity of the third murderer in Macbeth. The prophecy of becoming king leads Macbeth down a bloody path in which he commits many murders as a result of ambition. He could not know when Banquo would return to the castle, so he couldn't afford to be out there waiting for Banquo's return.

macbeth act 3 the third murderer mystery

Enter Three Murderers: Was Macbeth the third murderer? He later finds out that Macduff was ripped from his mothers womb during a Caesarian section.

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She asked, "Is Banquo gone from court?

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The Third Murderer in Shakespeare's Macbeth Essay