The justice felix frankfurter and the important opinions on the peoples liberties

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Felix frankfurter professor of law

A court which yields to the popular will thereby licenses itself to practice despotism, for there can be no assurance that it will not on another occasion indulge its own will. She wanted to return to school but be freed from the salute and pledge. It is easy to make light of insistence on scrupulous regard for the safeguards of civil liberties when invoked on behalf of the unworthy. He was a nationally recognized expert on labor law, constitutional law, and civil procedure. Having liberty means being free from restrictions or control, particularly from excessive or unfair government control. No acknowledgment from Mr. As a member of this court I am not justified in writing my private notions of policy into the Constitution, no matter how deeply I may cherish them or how mischievous I may deem their disregard. Indeed, much of the country did not require the salute, and it was not noticeably less free than the part that did. IV Colegrove v. For this lesson, the best choices might be a combination of legislators who represent students on a local, state, and national basis. Dissent, Uveges v.

In this volume Joseph Lash offers a biographical essay and the remnants of Frankfurter's diaries. Right vs. Perhaps, unhappily, we would then have to look outside the law schools—to Ramsey Clark or Joseph Rauh Jr.

In Gobitis, it was national unity; in Colegrove, fear of entering the political thicket; in Rochin, disgust at stomach pumping; in Dennis anxiety about espionage and an attempted revolution in the distant, unforeseeable future.

In practice, this meant Frankfurter was generally willing to uphold the actions of those branches against constitutional challenges so long as they did not "shock the conscience. Civil liberties are protections against government actions.

But the compassionate wisdom of Lincoln's first and second inaugurals bequeathed to the Union, cemented with blood, a moral heritage which, when drawn upon in times of stress and strife, is sure to find specific ways and means to surmount difficulties that may appear to be insurmountable.

Despite the closeness of that vote, and the continuing pressures of influential alumni, Frankfurter persevered. Over the next 50 years, the balance tended more and more to favor individual rights.

civil liberties in the constitution

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Felix Frankfurter