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Patients may suffer from the lack of support from the part of family members, whereas family itself becomes a fictitious concept which has no ground in the real life for a large number of patients. The sample population for both studies would by dying patients and their family members. I believe that comfort is a positive concept and is associated with activities that nurture and fortify clients. This theory has also been used widely while providing care for children. A taxonomic structure for the concept of comfort. Her social cultural context was also not that favorable since she did not have any family members around to take care of her. It includes values, financial stability, and effectiveness of health care organizations at local, state, regional and federal levels. Review of the Research The Comfort theory has been tested in many settings, used as a basis of study and evaluated in several researches. Kolcaba's comfort theory The theory of comfort was established in s by Katharine Kolcaba. CT has been adopted by many in the healthcare field. Moreover, patient distress was correlated negatively with empathy and how attentive physicians were.

Nurses can provide these needs through coaching, encouragement, and explaining procedures. She recommends using of protocols and procedures developed by a health care institution for overall use after collecting evidence.

The researcher can take this theory and apply it to whatever setting and it is easily tested with a variety of instruments including, General Comfort Questionnaire, Shortened General Comfort Questionnaire, Visual Analogue Scales and Comfort Behavior Checklists.

Curiously, among the common things pain is probably the least understood. It is crucial the provision of good environment to ensure that the client receives plenty comfort for his recovery.

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It is also the theory from which my organization based its pain and comfort documentation requirements upon. To measure family member comfort, data could be collected utilizing a likert-scale questionnaire.

Some nurses may have never even considered what nursing truly means to them At first, they created ease by educating Marie the techniques that she could use to accept and anticipate the social stigma that she could be face like baldness or skin problems that could affect her because of chemotherapy.

After working for many years in the areas of medical surgical nursing, long-term care, and home care. Moreover, patient distress was correlated negatively with empathy and how attentive physicians were.

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Kolcaba's Comfort Theory Free Sample Essay