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The purpose of this paper is to test the efficacy of Theory of Planned Behaviour TPB in predicting lean adopting practices, which holds that intention is a strong determinant of behaviour in people.

SMEs seems to have more engaging managers and thus the present higher percentages of applying Gemba principle. These findings agree with the findings reported by Dumbrowski and Mielke [4] on their study of both Geramn and rest of the world enterprises.

Shingo [5] proposed rules for standardization of set-up time and they are Visualizations and standardization rule for overcoming adjustment and trial run and Machine with multiple productions tooling system.

One- Piece Flow production system consider factor such as sequencing, setup time and make-to-order policy, therefore consideration to be given to those factor during scheduling of production.

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Maintenance process is for serving the production facilities to guarantee high productivity [2]. Rahani et al.

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These five leadership principles were explained to the participants in the survey. The highest value is only fourteen out of twenty five literature studies which have included the mentioned variables as part of their study. Carrasqueira, V. At the present time, maintenance management becomes a complex function, encompassing technical and management skills, while still requiring flexibility to cope with the dynamic business environment. Hopp, and M. Hang, Z. It is also employed to acquire equipment performance and reliability data for development of equipment histories. Further fluctuating line flow is improved by U-line concept and line balancing concept,Kanban is Material Flow Control mechanism MFC which delivers the right quantity of parts at right time [3]. It is all about maximising customer value while minimizing wastes. Kang, L. Braglia, The analytic hierarchy process applied to maintenance strategy selection. It involves waiting for tools, parts documentation and buy extra tools and store them near the job location. Critical success factors for Lean implementations within SMEs.

A number of failure avoidance methodologies have been introduced including fault tree analysis, hazard analysis and critical control points, and reliability block diagram [52].

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