Technology makes the world smaller

the world has become a smaller place essay

Local and specialized, older methods of communications switchboards and dial-up internethave been taken over by homogenized methods. I think that was the first time that I really understood that the world was becoming smaller.

the world is a smaller place these days quotes

He was 26 years old then and it was his first time away from home. All his letters in the past 20 years have been preserved by his father. For most students who went abroad alone, this was their only chance to speak in their mother tongue. Everyone has their own views on whether technology has made our globe bigger or whether it has made it smaller.

So strategy and tactics have to be in place and flexible enough to keep you on top regardless of how the scenario plays out. Western values played a big part in European imperialism. For those countries whose people do not have access to technology, the gap is widening for them because as our communication industry grows, their society continues to be at a standstill, leaving them no way to conform or catch up with technologically advanced countries.

Now, I don't worry anymore.

The world is becoming a smaller place

Only in this case such ultimate goals of building a global information society can be achieved as living standards improvement and the creation of the free environment for intellectual potential realization. You can even engage in a virtual relationship by using email or instant messaging. It usually took seven to 10 days for a mail to arrive in Jiaxing. The World Wide Web is just that, it is a web that connects every computer in the world. A few examples is the internet, social media, and the way we travel around the world. Today we'll meet a family and learn how China's advances in communication have affected their life over the last two decades. Due to the private sector of business being so competitive, businesses have to keep their overheads to a minimum in order to provide reasonable prices, and still make a profit. But it has seen rapid development in the last two decades. I hope these things have shown you how technology has changed to world the world for good and made it a smaller friendlier place for everyone. He is now chatting on video with his son who lives in Demark. Li Zhenming says he received calls from his son on all major holidays and important occasions. Indeed, it has changed so fast that we, as a species, may have to change in order to adapt to it.

Through technology we are able to see products, meet people, exchange ideas, and learn about other cultures simply through an internet connected device. Overall, it is not whether the world is getting bigger or smaller, but more so about the awareness around technology and its psychological impact on society.

For instance, many media organizations have now settled in the Internet, as well as public TV channels and radio stations, and have instantly gained international status.

why is the world getting smaller

The new business phones are so efficient and so high tech that you can now do face to face international business from thousands of miles away.

A generation refers to the state of improvement in the product development process.

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Technology Has Made The World A Smaller Place Essay Example