Structure of a body paragraph in an essay

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Patrick is the editor of the popular Matrix blog and has been an English teacher at Matrix since This is the most important part of paragraph structure: connecting these pieces of information to develop an argument.

We need to present information in this rough sequence: Introduce the example; Discuss the effect of the technique.

Structure of a body paragraph in an essay

Links Write the Body Paragraphs In the body of the essay, all the preparation up to this point comes to fruition. The bolded statement explains how this piece of evidence supports the topic sentence. The segue, that is the transition, between topic sentence and your first example must develop the idea and seem like part of an argument, not the introduction of a list. Lady Macbeth is going mad from guilt. Alternately still, it might influence how your readers think about the future. Matrix students get one-to-one help from tutors and teachers to learn how to write these during the Matrix Term and Holiday courses. It needs to be engaging! This table layout allows you to easily see the connections between the different components of a T. For example, your argument might be significant to studies of a certain time period. How does it develop meaning? It is not enough to just explain an idea, however: you need to show that outside evidence supports it as well. Because the body paragraphs present the important facts and information from an essay, having well-written body paragraphs is essential in writing a successful essay.

Thus, we can use the information from this table to produce a body paragraph. Start by writing down one of your main ideas, in sentence form. Go on to the next step. It needs to be engaging!

And so she goads him with insults about his courage and ambition. In the space under each point, write down some elaboration for that point.

So, now we need to explain how this example develops meaning in the text.

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This is the information that we have organised into our table above. You must produce an argument; Discuss the technique used in the example and the effect this has on meaning.

Consider the logical structure of this: The second, bolded sentence begins to develop the concept introduced by the topic sentence. If you had three or four main ideas, you will have three or four body paragraphs.

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Part II: The Body Paragraphs Body paragraphs help you prove your thesis and move you along a compelling trajectory from your introduction to your conclusion. People who read this also read. Step 4: Introduce your first example There must be a logical progression to paragraph structure. Point All paragraphs should be focused: they should discuss only one major point. So, we should state that in our body paragraph. How does it develop meaning? This is important analysis and an explanation of our logic. Links Write the Body Paragraphs In the body of the essay, all the preparation up to this point comes to fruition.

She changes from a power hungry and powerful woman desirous of power to a mad and guilt-ridden lady who seeks absolution through death.

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Writing the Body Paragraphs for Your Essay