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Operational hubs for the EVD response will be established in Mbandaka and the affected health zones with operational and technical support provided from Kinshasa. Triage units and isolation facilities will be equipped with essential equipment and staff will be trained.

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The risk at the regional level is therefore considered high. The scale-up strategy requires maximum capacity in all sectors of the response and in all sub-coordinations for a minimum duration of 4 months. Since then, several other epidemics have occurred in the health zone of Mweka, in Kasai Oriental Province, the health zone of Isiro, in Orientale Province, and the health zone of Boende in the new province of Tshuapa Ex-Equateur Province as shown in the table below Ongoing. Mbandaka is reachable by plane from Kinshasa. Since 8 May, regular helicopter communication has been established between Mbandaka and Bikoro. Points of entry PoE : Map and capacitate relevant high-risk PoE with trained health workers who are safely screening incoming travellers, collecting relevant information to enable contact tracing and providing appropriate messages on how to minimize risk of infection and where to seek medical assistance should they develop symptoms consistent with EVD. From the beginning of this outbreak WHO has worked hand in hand with the government to maximize results in identifying, treating, and preventing new cases. With the new leadership structure, the U. Get development's most important headlines in your inbox every day.

Agency for International Developmentsaid Wednesday. Risk in the nine neighbouring countries There is a significant risk of spread of the ongoing EVD outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to neighbouring countries because of the geographic proximity, high volume of movement of people and goods across borders and along the Congo River, insufficient national capacities to prevent, detect and respond to EVD cases, and other factors which may enable transmission.

The risk at the regional level is therefore considered high.

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One issue standing in the way of more U. During Ebola outbreaks, the disease can spread quickly within families and healthcare settings.

The key areas of focus are as follows: Coordination: Develop an EVD contingency plan with a monitoring framework, providing training where necessary for its implementation.

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Inthe epidemic reappeared in the city of Kikwit and surrounding areas in Bandundu province. Establish national emergency operation centres EOCs for coordinating an emergency response, and test key capabilities to implement the EVD contingency plan through simulation exercises.

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Donors look to retool response as Ebola outbreak grows