Romantic attitude in walt whitmans when i heard the learned astronomer

With its speaker "tired and sick" of the scientists that, to Whitman, do not see the ultimate goal or value of science—a speaker who is "unaccountable" and cannot see the unity of science and spirituality—the poem rightly belongs in the "By the Roadside" group.

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All of a sudden, he sighs and strolls out of the room without saying a word, right past your math teacher, who just stands there holding the chalk in her hand, stunned. By applying advances in technology during the second half of the nineteenth century, scientists were making many discoveries about the physical nature of planets and stars, and Whitman's poem makes reference to the excitement about space during this period of discovery. The speaker is clearly inspired as he "glides" out into the "mystical moist night air" and admires the dazzling stars above him. After failed negotiations and the further secession of the other southern states, the Civil War began in , when the Confederate army attacked Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. Historical Context Romanticism and Transcendentalism European romanticism began in the late eighteenth century as a rejection of the Enlightenment-era's preoccupation with reason and rationality. The second important aspect of this line is the fact that the speaker "wander'd" out of the lecture room; this is the first hint that perhaps the speaker is somewhat aimless or unstructured in comparison with the exactness of the learned astronomer. Whitman paints pictures with these words.

The family moved to Brooklyn when Whitman was four. Today: Technology allows astronomers to identify the furthest planetoid in our solar systemsend robotic probes to the surface of the planet Mars, and see almost as far in space as the location of the "Big Bang" that is thought to have started the universe.

The Civil War was an extremely traumatic and devastating conflict that affected nearly all aspects of American life and had longstanding consequences.

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The astronomer attempts to relay his academic knowledge in his lecture, but the speaker does not connect to the subject matter from such a distance. Because the final three lines are so much richer in language and vision, it seems that romantic mysticism is favored above logic and science.

Now, we're clearly mixing up the timeline for dramatic effect.

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In the essay titled " Self-Reliance ," Emerson advises, simply, "Trust yourself. Lines 3—4 The third line, in which the speaker is shown materials related to astronomy and asked to manipulate mathematical equations, is full of mathematical diction, or word choice, such as "charts," "diagrams," "add," "divide," and "measure.

Today, critics are increasingly interested in the historical dimension of Whitman's poetry as well as in the ways it engages with the theme of sexuality.

Romantic attitude in walt whitmans when i heard the learned astronomer

How do you think the poem relates to the overriding themes of Leaves of Grass, and what does it contribute that is unique and individual? Drum-Taps, published in , was essentially a Civil War collection, and its main themes were related to the long and bloody conflict between the northern and southern States, including the war's implications for individuals and for the country. Adams and U. This is not to say that the themes of the poem that resonate with the preoccupations of the "Drum-Taps" and "Songs of Parting" groups have somehow become unimportant, or that a poem's group somehow fixes its meaning. Thus, with its speaker's mystical and spiritual identification with the stars, which represent a kind of limitless unity that the lecture room cannot provide, "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer" does have a substantial connection with the "Songs of Parting" group. Its symbolism and romantic undercurrent are vastly different in style from Whitman's work, yet the writers were contemporaries and explored some of the same themes. Shifting from the first quatrain of the poem, there appears to be a drastic change in style in lines five and six. Contrary to the "Down with Homework! In presenting this notion, the speaker also suggests that he himself cannot continue to sit through the lecture without wanting to expel himself from the dankness of the lecture room. The wide range of themes and issues in the collection were arranged in an order that was vital to Whitman's self-understanding. The style serves as a contrast to the precise mathematical language of the learned astronomer and his scientific lecture. Price, Cambridge University Press, , pp. By looking up every so often, whenever he desires, the speaker is approaching nature very differently from the scientific regularity of observation and analysis. From the window, you can see Walt walk up to the tree, look it up and down, rub his chin, and wander away into the woods.

Thomas, M. This useful reference guide to Whitman is the work of one of his most influential twentieth-century critics and biographers. Much of Whitman's poetry, including "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer" is invested in the concept of self-reliance, and he consistently explores and tests the transcendental as a source of knowledge and meaning.

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