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There are four divisions in this group and every division has different issues.

Marketing pushed the milestone to the left because they wanted the product to be introduced into the marketplace earlier. Quasar Communications Inc. Those guys never live up to commitments. Quasar Communications Inc. The other problem dealt with the marketing department. The following major problem areas were discovered. In , QCI had grown to a point where the majority of their business base revolved around twelve large customers and thirty to forty small customers. Can the 13 project managers under this V. It cost us a bundle, but we did it because our integrity and professional reputation were at stake. Secondly, the managers should realize the duties of each division. We cannot survive unless there is some type of interpersonal communications. This additional testing was not priced out as part of the original statement of work.

So the ability of engineering group should be enhanced. There are two issues in small customer project management. Get Access There are four divisions in this group and every division has different issues.

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Another major problem is that when the project managers have small projects, they seem to stay in just one functional department.

The vice-president can on regular basis compare the actual performance with planned performance and if there is any adverse variance, he can ask for explanations and suggest corrective action.

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This has caused additional problems such as communication breakdown and a poor project integration management system between the different departments, lack of project prioritisation, time management and inadequate management of human resources. QCI employs about people of which more than are engineers.

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The solutions to these problems are to do stringent requirements for the line managers and to get approval during the treating processes.

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Quasar Communications Inc. Essay