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Example of a wbs for a coffee shop

The estimated time schedule for this project is 1 month and 5 days. Project Management: Planning and Control Techniques. Project manager will be in charge to invite correct people to the meeting, as well as to hand out an agenda prior to the meeting. Closing the project 6. The WBS must fit in the organizational structure or culture within which the project is undertaken. Suppliers do not L M M Prepare a list of more fulfil their than one supplier for obligations of more choices. Work based structures consisting of many activities will complicate the management process of the project i.

The coffee shop will also provide customers with free Wi-Fi, books and arcade games. Identify stakeholders 1. Responsibility Matrix …………………………………………………………………………………………. Project quality plan involves quality planning, quality assurance and quality control.

coffee shop management system project abstract

Hygiene of food L H H Always utilize the is not ensure or most quality food is ingredients and poisoning ensure the hygiene of food preparation by providing training to staff. The recommendations for this projects are the following: - Transform the Matcha Tengoku coffee shop into a local meeting destination - Focus on speed-fast service to meet customer expectations - Keep the menu expanding for more unique products to attract more customers References CHILDE, H.

A Gant chart Appendix 5 shows the detailed time for each task or activity. Added to the menu are fresh homemade juice, tea and sodas.

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Taking into consideration the various off site facilities such as parking lot, etc. Within a work based structures, there are various activities which are interrelated or interconnected to one another. Communication between project team member and contractors or suppliers is needed for assuring that guidelines, as well as deadlines, are followed and met.

Matcha Tengoku will deliver to its customers the best brewed cups of matcha together with cakes, waffles, ice cream and other free compliments. Project Matcha Tengoku Coffee shop is subject to many quality standards that include for instance supplier selection standards.

Ensure supply proper plan B in case the suppliers change the terms and conditions. Prepare scope statement 2.

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Project Management and Coffee Shop Essay Example