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This new religion tried to reconcile the world back to a time of peace by drawing its attention to the ancient, sacred religions of the past and combining them to form a new religion. Sawm or fasting, reminds participants of those who do not have enough to eat or difficulty living. Some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the field, including Marc Gopin, Mohammed Abu-Nimer, and David Steele, contributed chapters to that volume. Failure to forgive others leads to stored anger and resentment. Christianity teaches God lives in the hearts of His people, all are made in His image and likeness, therefore Peace lies within. Christianity and Islam are part of the major significant religion. The most dramatic and most frequently cited case is the successful mediation the Rome-based Community of Sant'Egidio achieved to help end the civil war in Mozambique in There are three major religious based out of the middle east, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It lifts up the unique elements of religious peacebuilding, with a particular focus on apology and forgiveness. As Jesus states in John peace is found …show more content… You have done well! After David Little retired from USIP in , the Institute decided to continue prioritizing religion in relation to international conflict and peace, but decided to shift the emphasis from religion as a source of conflict to peacemaking. There are a number of other important contributions to this literature. The field of religious peacemaking is also maturing. Overall, these studies viewed religion principally in terms of creating conflict. The Hadith also predicts a time of peace on Earth under the direct rule of Jesus Christ.

As Jesus states in John peace is found …show more content… You have done well! David R. Why do these religions have such a rift between them, if their principles are similar?

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The Ninety-Nine names of Allah include many peace-loving qualities including mercy, strength, love and compassion. As these cases illustrate, religious approaches to peacemaking do not provide a panacea, but can complement secular peacemaking productively.

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The analysis of the Iraqi Institute of Peace shows how the organization has grappled with the most critical issues currently facing a religiously fragmented Iraq. The individual is guided toward inner peace through the Bible, which facilitates greater familiarity with the nature of God and acts as a source of practical, ethical and spiritual guidance.

A book of poems, written during the time span ofplaces a great emphasis on war and peace.

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Religion and Peace: Islam and Christianity Essay