Paragraphs and essays with integrated readings answer key

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The following rules will guide you in writing effective summaries. Learning to summarize effectively will help you in many ways. Lott Jr. Greetings and closings A. That is, when you study the material the next time, you will not have to reread all of it; instead, you can review only the most important—those that are underlined—parts.

The Reading Writing Connection Pinterest. Some focus on simple discussion of the content presented in the reading and include summary material.

There residents are depersonalized by being required to wear a uniform, abandon personal items, and give up privacy. Monasteries, jails, homes for the aged, boarding schools, and military academies are a few examples of total institutions.

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Here is an example of how you can place notes inside outlines. You would seldom underline all the words in a sentence and almost never a whole paragraph. All activities in the same setting B.

Paragraphs and essays with integrated readings answer key

When he got out, he was clearly an institutionalized person. All activities in the same setting B. Several popular movies, such as The Shawshank Redemption, show how prison society works. Append messages appropriately A. Possibly not. Students learn the three stages of exploring, experimenting, and gathering information; writing the controlling idea, developing supporting details, and organizing content; and writing, revising, and editing. Reading-based writing is presented in this introductory chapter because most of the writing instruction in Paragraphs and Essays involves reading in some way. His B. Total institutions have certain common characteristics. Flexibility of instruction permits instructors to emphasize the paragraph or the essay, or to mix units. More Stories Pearson Higher Education. Direct style with deliberation A. Of course, there are individual differences in adaptation to the situation. However, your instructor may prefer that you separate the forms—for example, by presenting a clear, concise summary followed by a reaction. Mark the instances of poor summary writing by using rule numbers from the preceding list.

Stage One Explore Freewrite, brainstorm listcluster, or take notes as directed by your instructor.

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Paragraphs and Essays: With Integrated Readings (11th edition)