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The avoidance of hierarchy and the ability to work in new ways helps organizations put resources together to create added value for both employees and consumers Welford, I am often not assertive enough to tell a fellow nurse to get up and take care of a patient and I find myself just doing it myself.

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Theresa Dawson. My career in nursing has been somewhat unusual.

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Bureaucratic leadership occurs when a leader rigidlyadherestorules,regulations,andpolicies. Open your eyes and listen! But not all have lived up to the ideals I cited at the beginning of this article. But is it good or bad? I knew upon receiving this assignment that I wanted to interview a DNP as that is my desired end goal and I would be able to examine the definition of leadership both inter-professionally and the role within the pop In the end, the purpose of the nursing leader would always have something to do with the ultimate goal of meeting the expectations of the entire department in meeting department and organizational goals and objectives. Hyett, E. Leadership belongs to all of us. Nursing Essays - Leadership in Nursing - Developing future nurse leaders is one of the greatest challenges faced by the nursing profession. Stanley, D. For example, health visitors usually work in a self-led environment, yet there may be no mechanism for self control or decision-making at the point of service—thus stifling innovation Hyett, This is where the effectiveness and skills of a leader in the nursing industry would be tested. Organizations should aim for a leadership style that allows for high levels of work performance, with few disruptions, in a wide variety of situational circumstances, in an efficient manner Moiden, Furthermore, if nurses who do try to initiate change are not supported, they lose confidence and assertiveness and may feel disempowered and unable to support one another Hyett,

However, the importance of good leadership has remained constant. However, when it comes to the debate about management verses leadership some many feel good leadership is the way forward in the NHS, but when reading reports like the Francis report it seems they believe management should be given as much priority as leadership.

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Congruent leaders match their values and beliefs to their actions Stanley, In order to be a successful leader, one must possess certain characteristics that not only define who they are but inspire those who they lead There are many styles of leadership, the Peterborough and Stamford NHS trust in their nursing challenges and nursing leadership framework explain about some of the different styles like; directive leadership; getting immediate compliance, affiliative leadership; creating harmony, and visionary leadership; providing long term direction.

Because I started my nursing career relatively late in life, I feel, in some respects, that I belong more to Generation Yalso known as millennialsthan my birth generation.

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By doing so, the goal is to enable professionals to empower themselves and others through responsibility, authority, and accountability.

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