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There is a four-hour test time. Development of Reading Comprehension focuses on vocabulary development, including the role of noncontextual and contextual vocabulary strategies; reading comprehension skills including the ability to examine key ideas and details of text; strategies to support effective reading, like rereading and reviewing; and using various writing activities, such as note-taking, outlining, and summarizing, to promote comprehension.

Afterward, you will be able to schedule your appointment.

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Will I need to bring identification on test day? A list of test center locations in Massachusetts and across the United States are on the website. Candidates will be assessed on areas that include understanding the difference between phonological and phonemic awareness; phonological and phonemic awareness and the role in reading development; spoken and written language and the relationship between the two; phonics, including teaching strategies and phonics terminology; prefixes and suffixes recognition and their meanings; and identifying compound words and homographs.

This includes but is not limited to: environmental print. You should plan to spend almost five hours at the testing center. Integration of Knowledge and Understanding. Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test time.

The test is offered year-round at testing centers across Massachusetts and the United States so you will be able to choose the date and location most convenient to you. Not only do you get a study plan, but our guide provides invaluable insight into tackling questions that tend to trip up those taking the test.

Candidates can take the exam Monday through Saturday, year-round. For example, rather than just being aware of rhyming words, children can generate rhyming words, as well as break words apart into single sounds syllables.

Plus, they also come with tips and strategies for both the multiple choice section as well as the open response section.

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