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The students are advised to use Times New Roman with 12 font size throughout the entire thesis including headings and page numbers except special foreign languages.

Typeface 24 Since figures are considered illustrations or diagrams and may be imported from an external source, any text that is part of the figure can be in any typeface, provided it is neat and readable. Please refer to Appendix A12 3.

If there are five or less appendices, their details should be listed in the table of Contents. Unplanned pregnancy among married women: an exploratory study in a rural area of Bengal. The figure number and title must be in the same typeface as the rest of the thesis because this material is considered to be part of the typeset body of the document.

For further details, please refer to Chapter 4.

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Screening for malnutrition among the elderly with MNA scale: a clinic based study in a rural area of West Bengal. Pandav CS. Role of faculty of medical colleges in national health policy and program development.

Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care.

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Ump Thesis Guide: Universiti Malaysia Pahang