Learn stenography and shorthand writing abbreviations

Gregg is basically a much simpler and more efficient writing system than longhand English.

Learn stenography and shorthand writing abbreviations

But whenever I get a little too smug about my clever use of this hybrid technology, I like to think about the great court reporting contests of the late s when legends of shorthand, like Charles Swem and Martin Dupraw , competed head-to-head against one another. Here's the first paragraph of this article written in shorthand: Dennis Hollier Consonants are either shallow curves or straight lines; vowels are either loops or small hooks. Still, given that many people are spending more time typing than writing by hand, these systems have their appeal. Examples of such systems include Stenoscript , Speedwriting and Forkner shorthand. It was popular, and under the two titles of Short Writing and Tachygraphy, Shelton's book ran to more than 20 editions between and But Japanese motions of writing gave some influence to our shorthand. These are systems that vastly cut down on the characters or strokes of a pen needed to express an idea. Most of these can be avoided by careful attention to the writing. Including a machine-shorthand system, Sokutaipu, we have 5 major shorthand systems now. As recently as the s, almost every high school in the country taught Gregg. Bell's Visible Speech Although not intended as a replacement for longhand, this system provides a means of recording human speech sounds, and not just those used to make words, but virtually any speech sound!

The International Phonetic Alphabet is based on Bell's work. Several other systems were invented in the next decades, but most of them were short-lived. See, part of my brain is completely A-OK that computers will someday be our all-powerful overlords.

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Up until that time it was their male counterparts who were employed in these clerical positions. And your brain can do it in real time at very, very high speeds. Then, you have to pick up your pen to move to the next letter, an extraneous step that takes up almost as much time as the writing itself. This was the first shorthand system adapted to writing phonetic Japanese, all other systems prior being based on the idea of whole or partial semantic ideographic writing like that used in the Chinese characters, and the phonetic approach being mostly peripheral to writing in general. Most of the time, when I get around to writing the story, I can rely on my handwritten notes for short quotes and background information. Here's an example from The Joy of Pitman Shorthand. The best matter of the for the student beginning practice for speed is to be found in the dictation books compiled by the publishers of the system. At first, the dictation should be slow to permit the making of careful outlines. Simple strokes, very much like those in Gregg Shorthand, are used, so the system is cursive and fast. Even when written in full, words are much shorter fewer strokes than when written in longhand. Alphabetic — Expression by "normal" vowel signs that are not fundamentally different from consonant signs e. Because of this, a need existed for a simplified method of shorthand and in German Franz Xaver Gabelsberger inspired a simple cursive system. However, these alphabetic systems do have value for students who cannot dedicate the years necessary to master a stenographic shorthand.

And, paradoxically, shorthand is the perfect complement to the 21st Century technology of the smartpen. Alphabetic — Expression by "normal" vowel signs that are not fundamentally different from consonant signs e.

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The International Phonetic Alphabet is based on Bell's work. There are several semi-cursive systems. There are over 40 shorthand systems in existence worldwide and at least 19 documented inventors of shorthand dating as far back as the late 16th C. However, there are other shorthand machines used worldwide, including: Velotype ; Palantype in the UK; Grandjean Stenotype, used extensively in France and French-speaking countries; Michela Stenotype, used extensively in Italy; and Stenokey, used in Bulgaria and elsewhere. The handwriting at the beginning of this page is the title in Handywrite. The geometric system then in use was complicated and required a high level of training. It is similar to Chinese and Egyptian writing systems. These records were used to create more formal transcripts. Abjad — No expression of the individual vowels at all except for indications of an initial or final vowel e. One of the most successful was that of the British stenographer Samuel Taylor, who invented a system in that was based on that of one of his predecessors. Geometric theory has great influence in Japan. Prior to the Meiji era, Japanese did not have its own shorthand the kanji did have their own abbreviated forms borrowed alongside them from China. However, the men began moving into other areas, primarily in management. But when I need a longer, verbatim quote, I can use my notes as a kind of index to find the right part of the interview, and tap there with my pen to hear the playback. Hebrew Shorthand Taylor's system was superseded by Pitman shorthand , first introduced in by English teacher Sir Isaac Pitman , and improved many times since.

These records were used to create more formal transcripts. Blissymbolics Blissymbolics is a rather intriguing effort to create a modern ideographic writing system based on concepts rather than words. By the 15th century, with the discovery in a Benedictine monastery of a lexicon of Ciceronian notes and a Psalter written in Tironian shorthand, a renewed interest in the practice was aroused.

Alternative Titles: brachygraphy, stenography, tachygraphy Shorthand, also called stenography, a system for rapid writing that uses symbols or abbreviations for letters, words, or phrases.

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How to Take Faster Handwritten Notes Using Shorthand Techniques