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After North Korean authorities railed against the film, the FBI asserted that the country was responsible for a subsequent breach of Sony Pictures files, leading to the release of emails and other private information. He was also involved in economic planning to develop certain sectors of the economy.

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He was designated the heir apparent — at least for the ruling inner circle — on his birthday in Lankov said. The son had none of the revolutionary credentials of the father; he grew to be small and portly, with a pompadour of unchanging color. In Kim went to the Soviet Union, where he received further military training and was part of the Soviet military force that invaded and occupied Pyongyang in Roux said Kim suffered few lasting effects. Kim Jong-il took over in after his father had passed away. Kim also had no apparent successors to his regime, as did his father. Aso further said a French neurosurgeon was aboard a plane for Beijing, en route to North Korea. Prior to , he had no public profile and was referred to only as the "Party Centre". Japan's Fuji Television network reported that Kim's eldest son, Kim Jong-nam , travelled to Paris to hire a neurosurgeon for his father, and showed footage where the surgeon boarded flight CA bound for Pyongyang from Beijing on 24 October. In Beijing, Chinese leaders tried to sell him on their vision of prosperity without freedom, but he resisted, seeing, perhaps, too much uncertainty.

She was handpicked by his father and married to him in His son, Kim Jong Un, is reported to take up leadership, and the military pledged to support Jong Un's succession. She "virtually act[ed] as North Korea's first lady" and frequently accompanied Kim on his visits to military bases and in meetings with visiting foreign dignitaries.

High-ranking North Korean official Kim Yong-nam said, "While we wanted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the country with general secretary Kim Jong-Il, we celebrated on our own".

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This practice of personality cult is reminiscent of Stalinist Russia but was taken to new heights with Kim Il Sung and would continue with Kim Jong Il.

Although not required to stand for popular election to his key offices, he was unanimously elected to the Supreme People's Assembly every five years, representing a military constituency, due to his concurrent capacities as supreme commander of the KPA and chairman of the NDC. The question had reportedly "baffled foreign intelligence agencies for years".

Kim jong il essay example

Kim has adopted the mantle of the mythical, godlike leadership role that grandfather and country founder Kim Il-sung and his father Kim Jong-il held and continue to hold in their death.

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The Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong