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Two captors. They lost many rights along with it and their property was confiscated as well even though the Canadian government promised that they would receive their property back after the war was over On February 19, , after Pearl Harbor when the U. The unexpected attack led many Americans to fear that there would be another surprise attack. A massive amount of Americans who were not of Japanese descent believed that the Japanese community could not be trusted, so the government felt that it was necessary to remove them from their homes and place them in camps located away from militarized coastal regions. This thorn in Canada's side is the Japanese Internment which took place during the second world war. On December 7th, , the Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, taking the lives of thousands and leaving Americans distraught and furious Ng xi. Then you can work from there. It has to be more reflective of the information that you wish to portray to the reader and ask them to keep an open mind regarding the topics. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor created fear throughout the nation. This was especially true in California, where Japanese Americans were held in internment camps during the war because many felt that their loyalty was to Japan and not the United States.

It is a very delicate issue that has two sides, those who are against the internment of the Japanese-Americans and those who are for it. After this, overJapanese Americans were taken out of their homes, piled into buses and cars, and forced into internment camps The authorization of this order eventually led to the internment ofJapanese Americans that had been living in the United States for years.

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During World War II thousands of Japanese Americans were told by government officials that they had twenty-four hours to pack their things, get rid of any belongings of theirs, and to sell their businesses away for less than retail value.

It was a sad situation that America seems to hide because there is no way to justify what they did. Arthur Miller himself saw strong connection between the events surrounding the Red Scare in the s.

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On December 7thPearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. The reason the Japanese were moved into these camps was because they were suspected of being spies During World War II, a significant number of American citizens of Japanese descent were forced into American internment camps, strictly because of their ethnic background.

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Among the more thanpeople of Japanese ancestry interned, many of those were children, and most of these children were American citizens

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Thesis for essay on Japanese internment versus the Holocaust?