Internet is the most important invention essay

Internet is the most important invention essay

Are we becoming Technological Zombies? We use desktops, laptops, palmtops, and cellular telephones to connect through telephone lines, cable connections, and wireless ports. E-Commerce 7.

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Faster Communication 2. Not only can it allow its users to work on projects and portfolios, it can also provide a way to store them. Mass media works as a socializing factor and affects the way we view the world and how we interact with other people These two intelligent men dropped out of college, and were often judged upon doing so. From the moment humanity managed to control electricity, every aspect of human life has changed: people can work at night as well as during the day; there have been great advances in technology and pretty much everything we use every day of our lives depends on electricity. Some when shown the internet have taking more than just a likening to the new technology. It has become nearly effortless to exchange information with someone across the This is a report on the inventions in early 's words - 4 pages placed before us, we will succeed. Give reasons for your answers words - 4 pages The 19th and 20th centuries are very rich about inventions that changed our lives. Apple officially started in the basement or garage, rather than at an expensive business location. At this time, TV was still targeted an older audience, but video games were designed and programmed for teenagers It seems inconceivable to me how anyone ever made it through school without the Internet. Historica Canada. This has ultimately resulted in technology always being at our fingertips. This research will show the impact AI has on the mankind and answer the question of: Could AI eventually replace mankind? First it was the discovery of fire, then the invention of the wheel.

The printing press came into the world in the 15th century and changed the world of communication that would never again be the same Never before have so many had access to so much Although the exact date of origin of the Internet is not established, its history began with the development of electronic computers in the s Internet is perhaps the most crucial technological advancement.

Through its construction, the world economies have flourished. Internet is also important in the logistics area of communication. Later it was electricity, the telegraph and the computer.

essay on mans greatest invention
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Is the Internet the best invention ever?