How to write api for android

Keep in mind that this is not an RxJava tutorial and we will only scratch the surface of what RxJava is capable of — working with Retrofit to ensure a simple and elegant solution to asynchronous network calls.

I hope everyone got good knowledge about REST and other technical areas.

api for mobile application development

These are the create, read, update and delete CRUD methods. The main purpose of these calls is to interact with database without any authentication. Select a location to save your project and click Create. If successful, it will use the Gson converter to convert the response to the object of our model class.

This replaces the code for the setters and getters. If the status isthe request is processed successfully. If the error value is true, that means some error occurred while processing the user data.

Once he registered an API key will be generated and stored in the database.

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ProgressDialog; import android. Here are a few options to get you started in the right direction. Go to the directory where WAMP is installed. This is important for apps that are installed on multiple devices for the same user, such as a phone and tablet.


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PHP MySQL REST API for Android