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If you need more guidance writing your abstract, read our detailed instructions on what to include and see an abstract example.

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Ask a friend to read over the abstract. For what reason did you select these specific studies to include in your research? Notice the main points that the authors chose to mention in the abstract. Listing your keywords will help other researchers find your work. Have you ever wondered what your personality type means? Only include information that is also included in the body of your paper. The Abstract page plays an important role in summarizing the overall purpose of your paper to help readers decide if your paper is worth reading. According to the official guidelines of the American Psychological Association, a good abstract should be: Brief but packed with information. You will have no problem fitting your abstract in one text block on one page.

I have added visual examples so you can easily remember the format, layout and specs of a correct Abstract page. Center the title between the right and left margins.

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For an abstract of a meta-analysis or literature review: Describe the problem of interest. This is essentially a very brief preview of the results of your paper.

Begin with a brief summary of the Introductionand then continue on with a summary of the MethodResultsand Discussion sections of your paper.

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Then list your keywords in normal text, with each keyword separated by a comma. Just as in an experimental abstract, you need to inform the reader about who the participants were in the studies.

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Realistically, there may be many different studies devoted to your topic. Explain your method. Have you ever wondered what your personality type means? General Format How should the abstract page be formatted? The abstract should also be written as only one paragraph with no indentation. You have an abstract for your paper. If possible, take your paper to your school's writing lab for assistance. The author has chosen the terms listed in the title as keywords as well as several other related keywords that feature in their research. Additional Tips 1 Do not use bold, italics, or underlined text anywhere in the abstract paragraph. What did you discover? This is essentially a very brief preview of the results of your paper. A good abstract lets the reader know that your paper is worth reading. Again, this is essentially a quick peek at what readers will find when they read your results section.

Begin your abstract on a new page and place your running head and the page number 2 in the top right-hand corner. You have an abstract for your paper.

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How to Write an Abstract In APA Format