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While on the Puja spot, sit down such that either facing the East or the North direction. After that sprinkle some water on the Puja Thali and yourself while chanting following Mantra thrice. Accompany a small water pot with Puja Thali. Also, fully grown grains of freshly cultivated crops like wheat and gram can be included in the Puja items. Like our facebook page to stay updated. The heads of such groups are called as Gurkar or Gaonkar. However, they are fluent in local languages such as Kannada and Tulu as well. Please auhorize to continue sharing on twitter. Pun intended. Holika Puja bestows power, prosperity and wealth. All members touch the coconut before the Pathri places it on the earthen mound of Tulasi.

Pun intended. Some of the important decision regarding the communities are taken in the presence of Koodalike.

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Mums before chums! Hard workers by nature, they settled in coastal regions and some of them owned small pieces of land. While reciting below Mantra, applying Roli and rice on a flower and offer it along with fragrance to Lord Narasimha.

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Their songs, based on folklore, have a traditional appeal in them. Marathis have unique kind of colourful designs for the dance and wear a crown on their head. Offer rice, fragrances, flower, unbreakable Moong lentil, turmeric pieces, coconut and Bharbholiye garland made of dried cow dung which is also known as Gulari and Badkula to Holika. On this day members of the community assemble for celebrating Holi. It is also done to purify the place of worship. Both trained and amateur dancers participate in the Holi dance. Hence, I worship you and seek power, wealth and prosperity for myself. The members of each house welcome these dancers by placing a dot of vermilion on their forehead. Usually, the fire from the public bonfire is brought home to burn Holika.

The ash is considered pious and it is believed that body and soul is purified after applying it.

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