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And yes, the above template works here, too! But, prospective employers do not want to hire negative people. I wouldn't move into the city, but I would move 20 miles closer.

Show interest and share like crazy, and the referrals, recommendations and requests for interviews will come your way!

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Sophomores and Juniors are frantically on the hunt for those precious summer internships. And then there are the strange attitudes. Your friends are all starting to get their internship and you are starting to figure out where everyone will be living this summer. Making an introduction for someone else can reap big benefits. You are making the realization that you are about to be full fledge adult. The last thing you want to do in a job interview is give the employer a reason not to like you. Cover Image Credit: Looksharp. Yes, this one can be hard. They can't imagine making that choice. Even if you have strict privacy settings, it is possible for someone inside your network to copy and share photos or posts. Finally I heard from a recruiter. After some back and forth, offer to follow up with some additional pointers. Watch on Forbes: 1. They have a sense of what they are good at and what they can offer an employer.

I will tell you more about them another time. I'm sure most people who live in the city have never heard of it. Be positive.

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I was really surprised because I know my skills are current and it's not that easy to find people with my experience. I want you to point your finger at yourself and what you can do about it.

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The recruiter said, "Let's be honest. However the worst thing about the story is that all three people called said that until they heard of the bogus reference letters, they actually would have been happy to recommend the candidate. Keep your skills up.

Finals and summer are quickly approaching and its time to make the decisions.

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