Get outta heeere

That's exactly why we need to keep our eyes peeled and take this patrol seriously. Put yourself in my position man, punk! Mordred: Good question.

get outta here new york accent

I need to get you outta my waaaay! Then I guess that means we won't be able to talk to him looking like this. Mordred: That's not what I meant. But I'll admit the food is great! Mordred: He doesn't know of any large criminal organizations operating in the city or anything.

Another stench of my aroma, stick that nose up in the air. Cruz: Yeah. Let's get moving! Let's take it to tha' curb if you can stand it.

get outta here meme

Arthur: And he did say he hates knights Arthur: But where else are we gonna find a lead? Mordred: But apparently he's caught wind of groups of thugs popping up here and there.

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