Films are corrupting the indian youth essay

Most of Indian films are based on true story. So these kinds of films will make people wake up soon. There is no positive message about the society, its full of horror, love movies saying that as a trend.

And old movie showed us the living relation with together, love, etc.

questionnaire on impact of movies on youth

So as we all educated, we should encourage only motivational movies. This is a threat to our society and legal administration.

positive impact of movies on youth

Your thoughts and downs. This mean I m not saying that films are totally good I know some dirty sceneries are also included in it but God has given a power to us to know what is right and what is wrong so we should have to take the right things from it.

This belief is changing these days, and movies too has a role in this change.

Influence of movies on youth

If the youth are liking to watch movies for entertaining themselves than imagine the future of our country films will take you away from reality. But making of bad movies is the mistake of movie producer as well as writter. According to the practical knowledge, we can learn more from the visual screen than reading a book. If they learned good thing then movie is good otherwise bad. Such images and its future generations. As found in small to our youth. A panel will observe the proceedings and evaluate the members of the group.
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