Exploitation among migrant labour

Labour trafficking can happen in different types of employment. It owns well-known brands such as Berghaus, Speedo and Boxfresh, and is the global licensee for Lacoste and Baker. More importantly, they are desperate to stay in it. These factors make foreign workers more reliant on recruiters or employers and more vulnerable to labour exploitation and trafficking.

But despite their importance, they have always been denied basic human rights and citizenship and remain the most marginalized labour force in Canada.

migrant exploitation meaning

They are provided with inadequate health attention and services. For shame. Table of contents:. S in Ontario and by F. However, they are often subject to abuse and exploitation. Possibly as many as half of all temporary migrant workers are being underpaid.

Our research found that many of the abuses reported by victims of trafficking were also reported by numerous migrant workers who were not identified as victims of trafficking. Trafficking of Live-in Caregivers and other migrant workers: Migrant workers are particularly vulnerable to labour trafficking.

Launched inMRN provides support, coordinates joint actions and brings grassroots organisations to the table, as well as advocating for improved legal protection of migrant workers.

Nobody wants the migrant workers to stay in Canada, so only married men and some single mothers are allowed into the program.

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Why Are Migrant Workers So Vulnerable to Exploitation?