Essay on computers and its importance in school education

Moving to middle school, each classroom had around two computers for students to use. Defence: This is used in maintaining the weaponry like missiles. It is embedded in our school system.

It has been reported that the average number of computers in primary, secondary, and special schools in England increases every year.

10 uses of computer in school

Schools would not have been really updated what so ever if it were not for computers In the early grades, computer games are used to interest the young student to learn I still believe that children need to be introduced to computers.

However, the use of computers in our classrooms has been characterized by over reliance on them. In the early s, a technological invention was introduced into classrooms that would prove to "have a profound impact on teaching.

But it does provide some insight into just how computers could be used, when put in the hands of capable far-sighted educators. Whether it actually makes kids smarter, or merely gives them the opportunity to learn what "old-fashioned" education and educators cannot, is still not totally proven.

Here, we shall discuss the important facets….

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The Role of Computers in the Educational Setting Essay