Dreams of a developed india speech

india of my dreams speech on independence day

I dream of India that is devoid of such divisive tendencies. Mohandas Gandhi had many accomplishments throughout his 78 years of life. Student Centric Literacy Movement One of the important indicators of a developed nation is the literacy level.

Further, as all traffic is concentrated into one single route, high efficiency mass transportation systems become economical even for a comparatively small population.

india of my dream speech

Lastly, I want India to be a country where women are treated with respect and are given equal opportunities as men.

However, there are certain groups of people that try to incite people to serve their vested interests thereby hampering peace in the country.

Nation has to work for transformation into 'developed India'. There is a increase in life expectancy. In the 21st century, a new society is emerging where knowledge is the primary production resource instead of capital and labour.

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Nitin's Fundas: Building the India of our dreams