Department store industry analysis in mexico

But with that exception, Wal- Mart compensation does not appear far out of step with other chains. In the United States, as is well known, retail has a huge though minority part-time workforce, bringing weekly hours below the economy-wide average.

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According to analyst Chris Albi of Valores Banamex, During the crisis, Mexicans got used to shopping more in municipal food markets and the informal street markets known as tianguis. The case in question is AutoZone. There is some evidence that Wal-Mart and its competitors have succeeded in lowering prices for Mexican consumers.

Wal-Mart pays wages slightly above the Mexican retail industry average, and offers pay and benefits comparable to its competitors though with some notable differences. Department Sold its 6 stores to Grupo 4 Sanborns in Sources: Number of stores and related information from company web sites.

The explanation for the long hours becomes clear when we realize that the majority of Mexican retail workers are self-employed or unpaid the unpaid category in Mexico includes family members, but also meritorios, meaning interns or apprentices —a far cry from the five percent of U.

Second, the polarized Mexican income structure limits the population of consumers able to shop at Wal-Mart and its subsidiaries.

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Except in a small number of cases where the research team contacted employees directly, we promised not to reveal the identity of the companies.

Due to their success, the company opened a new store in

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The Future of Retailing in Mexico to