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Usually 80 square feet open space and 40 square feet space inside the house is required per cow. He has also helped setup over half a dozen dairy farms for his trainees who have hired him as consultant.

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Feed them nutritious food and provide sufficient amount of clean and fresh water. Mineral mixture :- It is essential that minerals concentrate given to the cattle to overcome the mineral deficiency. The selected location should be elevated to prevent from any water stagnation around the shed and it also provides well ventilation sunlight and air.

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Provide your cows required space inside the house depending on the breeds. The cattle get green fodder only when it rains and rest of the time they are fed with dry fodder. Nothing makes her happier than the impact emails from her readers.

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Visit your local market to learn more about the feeding costs. Consult with the vet, and discuss about the possibilities of dairy cow farming in your area. You can choose any breed depending on your area and business purpose. One can get decent profits in dairy farming under good dairy management practices. You can also learn some negotiation skills. Commercial dairy cow farming business requires high capital or investment. Ensure you have good practices to make your cows as comfortable as possible during the time you are milking them. Vaccinate them timely, so that you can keep them free from all types of diseases or illness. Marketing It will be better, if you set your marketing strategies before starting this business. However the coming year was a challenge for them as their village suffered from a severe water crisis. Make proper ventilation system, and ensure sufficient flow of fresh air and light inside the house.
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