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What motivates you to go to a new restaurant? Our beverage supplier's service deductions and chain wide promotional material costs are deducted from these funds.

We want to find a way to make sure that workers are protected and receive a decent wage. Your lease for the premises must contain certain provisions that we specify in the Site Evaluation and Approval Agreement. Market Potential: Recently, the fast casual restaurant market has been gaining popularity and momentum.

Fatburger should also conduct focus groups to clearly define the need. Currently, there is only one approved vendor. When consumers became more discerning with their discretionary dollars, they sought to spend them on healthier but still relatively inexpensive restaurant options.

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Fatburger was founded in by Lovie Yancy based on a concept of serving big juicy cooked to order hamburgers using the freshest ingredients in a fun, festive atmosphere. In the greater Los Angeles area, Fatburger also ranked high in the Los Angeles Citysearch s annual best of" contest in the hamburger, family-friendly dining, fast food, french fries, and hotdog categories.

As of March 26,there were franchised and sub-franchised Fatburger locations across six states and 18 countries, and Fatburger is one of the fastest growing hamburger restaurant franchises, with 8. Your actual costs will depend on your management skill, experience and business acumen, your sales figures during the 90 day period, your ability to follow our system and local market and economic conditions.

For each of our current restaurant brands and those that we will seek to acquire, the ability to expand the overall concept footprint, both domestically and internationally, is of critical importance and a primary acquisition evaluation criterion.

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