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But what happens next? In the same time it does not mean that all employees must go through all stages of strategic planning process.

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You should avoid this mistake. It works like a food recipe: all ingredients are collected in the same place to process and cook. Faculty This course will be delivered by one of our trainers. Definition of a strategy Strategy is the path that takes us from where we are now to where we want to be.

The essence of good strategic planning is deciding what you are NOT going to do. Do we focus or do we diversify our services?

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You will learn different change approaches and will prepare individual solution models and practical methods for effectively planning and actively managing changes in your organisation, as well as for putting the results into practice long term.

The statistics speaks that success of any business depends on whether we plan for a week or a year or a decade. Important ingredients to consider in the process; situation, identity personal and organizational valuesdesired changes.

Roots of strategy In the introductory part we spoke about two major components of activity: planning and implementation. Somebody must facilitate the process of strategic planning and that people normally lead the organisation.

When planning you can inventory and allocate all resources in the best or nearly the best possible way.

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