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Therefore, a second discussion was also held that focused primarily on patient autonomy.

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What's a reasonable time? The second case involves the rights of a parent to care for her child in the manner that she sees fit. Autonomy Autonomy essentially means "self rule," and it is a patient's most basic right.

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However, popular news coverage of bioethical quandaries often reduces complex issues to mere inflammatory sound bites. The smallpox vaccine, like many other vaccines example: oral polio vaccine can actually transmit the virus to others.

Hawkins and L. The burns disabled Dax, and the physicians forced treatment on him.

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She asks her doctor to give her diamorphine for pain if she begins to suffocate or choke. For example, new but imperfect medical technologies? The following cases are the ones that I presented to the groups. His past medical history is established to include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD , chronic foot infections, alcoholism, and tobacco use. During my senior year at Santa Clara, I led discussions on medical ethics with students interested in medicine. Is it ethical for the CDC to force people to get the vaccine? Now married, the woman wishes to have a child with her husband. In light of this, is it ethical for people to get the vaccine?

Do you think that if the surrogate is awarded the baby, this could cause emotional harm to the child? His past medical history is established to include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPDchronic foot infections, alcoholism, and tobacco use.

In our culture, reproductive liberty, the freedom to decide when and where to conceive a child is highly protected, and this can make these cases much more difficult.

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The first involves the rights of an individual to decide her own fate, even against her physicians' judgments. After years of symptoms HD ends in death. Why should a physician have to be the one who does this? She earns too little to buy an individual plan and too much to qualify for Medicaid. A year-old man is brought into a New York City emergency room with a degree fever, and what he believes is chickenpox Varicella. There is currently only one state in the US that allows for euthanasia, and that is Oregon, where in , the "Death With Dignity Act" went into effect. What's a reasonable time? The rapidly changing nature of the questions with which bioethics is concerned makes the subject particularly amenable to the use of online resources as primary or supplemental teaching materials. The terrorist would have been contagious but would not have shown symptoms. You are worried and you try to get the vaccine, but are denied it because of limited resources. Resolving dilemmas always takes time, attention, and energy; being facile and comfortable doing so serves individuals throughout their lives. As students practice strategies for identifying and analyzing ethical dilemmas, they gain experience expressing themselves civilly, and they become better listeners, even toward those who are expressing opposing viewpoints. Who do you think should receive the child, and why? For example, for financial or other reasons?

Who should benefit from new discoveries—all individuals or only those who can afford the treatments?

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