Assessed sweatshop geography task

disadvantages of sweatshops

Alternatively of one immense mill. Also there is very little space in many sweatshops and they lighting in some is unsatisfactory. The video on the left of this is a documentary that is worth watching to help you gain further understanding of the issues involving MNC's and NIDL.

chinese sweatshops

Make light of the fact that Nike are quite a young company but have developed very quickly in terms of NIDL. Here are the resources that I used. A Sweatshop is an unfit working environment considered to be too dangerous and difficult to work in.

Starter: Study the image to the right hand side. Now imagine that you were parachuted in to the jungle. Sweatshops are inhumane working environments.

They have the power to set things right if they want to. NAHT The National Association of Headteachers has set out some underpinning principles for assessment and a useful design checklist for schools seeking an assessment system, which you may find useful.

Causes of sweatshops

We have to continue working for another 4 solid hours. Jumper or Hoodie or Jacket 3. There are lists of rules by the United Nations, that outline the requirements a corporation must meet to be a socially responsible company. In the present day, we have a concept similar to feudalism, it is called a sweatshop. Not everybody is the same as you. These will be displayed on the walls so keep them neat and informative. The correct lighting must be installed in all factories. Does this remind you of anything? We will not endorse any particular approach.

We go to small building where we place our lunches, then head out to a small open space. Changing Trends: Until recently, designer clothing came from Italy, and jeans came from the United States.

Factories must supply right uniform for all workers.

who is affected by sweatshops
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