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Sulfuric gases burst through the rocky surfaces around the lake, combusting when they hit the outside air. It was easy to believe that the house held some great mystery.

Again and again, no matter where we look, we never find a place where nature stops and we start.

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He hung dolls around the island as a tribute until mysteriously drowning himself in the exact same spot that she did. The trip was magnificent.

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Others say it was the simple process of natural geological attrition and erosion. While Antarctica might seem like a remote, otherworldly destination, it's actually a great place to take an epic cruise. All of it connected. Every bit of it was inspiring, just by being. This cult, especially alive in the post-war periods, consisted in adopting one of the skulls, called capuzzella, to receive a grace or numbers to play the lottery. Enjoy our list of the most mysterious places in the world: 1. Behaviors that may help us revive our full kinship with the natural world. There can be up to lightning bolts in an hour here. The ability to see an intense natural show makes it a truly unique place to spend the night.

Perhaps they were an offering to the gods? Every bit of it was inspiring, just by being. Locals tell tales of an entire family that was murdered in cold-blood in room Right here at the intersection where we humans have the astonishingly good fortune to reside.

All of it connected.

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Resting in the valleys in between. It might look like Christmas magic, but these ice bubbles are actually dangerous pockets of flammable methane gas formed when organic matter at the bottom of the lake decomposes.

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Wearing dark glasses gives him an air of mystery. We think so!

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It's a complete mystery to me why they chose him. The archbishop of Naples ordered, in fact, the closure in because of the cult of the anime pezzentelle, far from the traditional canons of the Church. Their suspect was a mystery man: a quiet, happily married man with no enemies. No one is allowed to enter after dark, and locals have even reported deaths as a result of the continued curse! It has plenty of fish living in its waters and is even safe for swimming, although tourists aren't allowed in the water. No one knows for sure why these ancient Polynesians carved and placed the statues across the island, though one recent theory hypothesizes that they were placed as markers of freshwater sources. Go for the escape. Others talk of reappearing doormen who vanish into thin air. Blood Falls Antarctica Courtesy of Peter Rejcek, The National Science Foundation The coldest and driest place on the planet has a blood-red waterfall slowly trickling down an icy white surface. Crooked Forest Poland Shutterstock This Polish forest lives up to its name, with hundreds of whimsically wonky pine trees. Enjoy our list of the most mysterious places in the world: 1. It was born in , when Naples was decimated by famines, epidemics, earthquakes and eruptions of Vesuvius.

How these insects actually communicate presents something of a mystery.

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The 40 Most Mysterious Places in the Whole Entire World