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Hitler had the Nazi party behind him and eventually thousands of soldiers to help him invade the many countries for living Jews.

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Between 9 October and 1 December, he was in the military hospital Belitz. The name says it all. We were even more delighted to see Hitler become chancellor the next year, especially since he had lost the presidential election in To understand him better, we must study his early life and roots.

On July 20,an attempt to kill Hitler with a bomb in a briefcase failed.

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He believed a political party must know how to use terror. Hitler dealt with a depressing childhood, which included the deaths of his parents and the inability to pursue his dreams as an artist Knapp.

At this time, Hitler began to think about attacking the Soviet Union, with which he had concluded a non-aggression pact just before the outbreak of the war.

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Through out his life Hitler experienced both the good and the bad. His hatred caused the murder of six million Jews. So he dropped out of school at the age of sixteen. The achievements accomplished by Hitler makes him the most successful leader in all of world history. Adolf Hitler showed great interest in fine arts; he applied to the Academy of Fine Arts from which he was declined twice biography. Hitler was also culturally influenced by the D. It is also possible that Hitler and the other important Nazis waited until they felt the public would not protest.

This was one of the most gruesome events in world history. There were many countries involved in this war. Hitler was also culturally influenced by the D.

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Branau am Inn was a small town across the Inn River from Germany. Because of his father's job , Hitler moved from Braunau to Passau , later to Lambach and finally to Leonding. On 5 October , Hitler was hurt by a bullet shell. When Adolf was 3 years old his family moved from Austria to Germany, this would change his life forever I believe that Hitler knew what he was doing even though he was not mentally sound. The next day he received an invitation to join the group. A master of lies himself, Hitler built his power off of fear and false promises. When Hitler was young, all he ever dreamed about was being an artist. Many were incarcerated in concentration camps under "protective custody" orders which were tantamount to indefinite imprisonment. To aid him in his heroic mission, he possessed outstanding brilliance and excellent organization skills. They also put Hitler in the Landsberg Prison.

The major countries under the allies were Britain, France, U. So, France and Britain declared a war

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